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  "The time I asked one guy if he knew who Paul McCartney was, and he asked me if that's Jesse McCartney's dad." View...
  Floyd handled the situation like a champ, injured paws and all. View Entire Post ›
  The call is coming from inside this post. View Entire Post ›
  We're talking products with thousands of 4- and 5-star ratings. Really. View Entire Post ›
  "[It] makes sense that she would have a gun if she felt that she was being threatened or there was someone in the...
  It's time to make your middle school self proud. View Entire Post ›
  "When my 10-year-old asks for something and I just give a huge sigh, she says, 'Yay!' because she knows she's already...
  The debate is being hosted by CNN and the New York Times. View Entire Post ›
  From "Bruce Almighty" to "Welcome to Marwen," and everything in between. View Entire Post ›
  It's been 10 years and honestly, I'm still kinda terrified. View Entire Post ›
  As recommended by Goodreads users. View Entire Post ›
  How are these movies ten years old?! View Entire Post ›
  Three words: Charlize Theron's makeup! View Entire Post ›
  “I’m one term removed from something that does have a place in history.” View Entire Post ›
  *Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" plays in the background* View Entire Post ›
  After Senator Kamala Harris called for the president's account to be suspended, Twitter waited a few weeks, and then said no. View Entire Post ›
  GET. IT. DONE. View Entire Post ›
  The few. The proud. The butt-chinned. View Entire Post ›
  No skills, no problem. View Entire Post ›
  They love her, they really love her. View Entire Post ›
  "I really am sorry if I offended you," Rodriguez said in a video apology. View Entire Post ›
  I didn't expect this, but I support it. View Entire Post ›
  "There are certain moments in history that can be dubbed extraordinary, where a combination of events comes together resulting in a tremendous...
  Taking an extended vacation might be easier — and more affordable — than you think. View Entire Post ›
  Are you a horror film fanatic? View Entire Post ›
  Now that's what I call an investment. View Entire Post ›
  I still can't get over Charlize Theron's makeup. View Entire Post ›
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