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  Why not be spooky 24/7? View Entire Post ›
  "Does anyone else feel personally traumatized by Alpha's actions?" View Entire Post ›
  Rotten Tomatoes be damned. View Entire Post ›
  Gabb is the only smartphone with no browser, no apps, no email. Is this heaven, or is it made for 11 year olds? View Entire Post ›
  Facebook ads touting “free” products are actually fake review programs commissioned by Amazon sellers. View Entire Post ›
  Sweaters, and leggings, and jackets, oh my. View Entire Post ›
  FYI: The first drop sold out in just 48 hours and had a waitlist of 50,000 people strong. ?????? View Entire Post ›
  Creepy but kinda cute stuff — like the ghost emoji. ?? View Entire Post ›
  The officer, Aaron Dean, is not being cooperative, police said. View Entire Post ›
  They're creepy and they're kooky... View Entire Post ›
  "My mind opened up to what was actually being said in the song and how it could make someone feel." View Entire Post ›
  Find out here! View Entire Post ›
  What was genuinely worth it to you? View Entire Post ›
  Beware of ~~~The Vacuum™~~~. View Entire Post ›
  “A vanilla latte with soy milk is technically a three-bean soup, but none of y’all are ready to talk about that, huh??” View Entire Post ›
  Finally, a place to stream one of the greatest sequels of our time: Sister Act 2. View Entire Post ›
  UPDATE: Cook's account was back online. It's unclear why it went down Monday. View Entire Post ›
  View Entire Post ›
  I'm definitely *not* coloring while on this tense work call, how dare you even suggest such a thing. View Entire Post ›
  Can you reach the top shelf? View Entire Post ›
  The possibility of Murdoch changing direction remains a liberal fantasy, but he is navigating deep political divides inside his own empire...
  A diplomatic memo says a text on customs arrangements probably won’t be ready in time for this week’s European...
  LOL @ the guy dropping a speaker in the ocean. View Entire Post ›
  "A brave and strong woman who lived her authentic life in a judgmental society." View Entire Post ›
  Are you going classic or gourmet? View Entire Post ›
  From Shallow Hal to Soul Man, some movies just shouldn't have been given the green light. View Entire Post ›
  Pretty in Pink will forever be a classic. View Entire Post ›
  These episodes are positively spooktacular. View Entire Post ›
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